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As a free publicly and privately funded program, MI-Apprenticeship is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about registered apprenticeship. Whether you’re setting up a one-time apprenticeship for a new hire or you regularly manage apprenticeship programs, MI-Apprenticeship is here for you.

On this page we’ve provided valuable resources that can guide you as you set up and manage your registered apprenticeship program.

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Need help with registered apprenticeship, have general questions, or don’t want to take the DIY approach? MI Apprenticeship is a concierge service that can help with anything you need. We’ll even help you set up, manage, and troubleshoot your apprenticeship program.


Tools & Resources


Apprenticeship Intermediaries

Looking for someone else to manage your Apprenticeship program? We create the apprenticeship program, file the paperwork with the Department of Labor, and connect with apprentices to fill your needs.

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Employer ROI Calculator

Most of the time, the Return on Investment (ROI) of an apprenticeship program just makes sense. Eliminate the guesswork! Use our ROI calculator to estimate return on investment your company will experience with the apprenticeship model.

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Process Guide Handbook

The process of setting up and managing a registered apprenticeship can be challenging. We’ve created the Apprenticeship Handbook to answer all your questions. Available in an easily-accessible online format, you can browse the Apprenticeship Guide here:

Rapid Skills Generator

Rapid Skills Generator is an easy way to create templates for apprenticeships. The software is free to use, and easily generates apprenticeship requirements, suggested hours, and more. Build from scratch or copy the template of existing apprenticeship models.

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Registered Apprentice in a Day (RAPiD)

RAPiD was designed to allow employers to finalize and register their apprenticeship program in a single day. Participating employers that come to a RAPiD event prepared with the required documents are able to complete their program and have it signed by the Department of Labor at the event.

Tech Apprenticeships with Apprenti

The tech industry faces a massive shortage in skilled employees. Employers are increasingly willing to invest in training new apprentices to fill their workforce demands. The Apprenti program helps you find a tech apprenticeship that can take your career to new heights.

Apprenticeship Resource Tracker

The Apprenticeship Resource Tracker (ART) helps employers and employees log weekly hours worked, minimizing paperwork and speeding up the payroll process, while tracking education credits and more. 

Myths about Apprenticeship Programs

We’re debunking the Myths and A highlighting how Registered Apprenticeship help create a customized skilled trade program pathway. Employees and employers benefit from RA programs! 

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Apprenticeship Contacts

If you’re in Michigan, we’ve provided a list of all the people you may need to contact to set up and support your registered apprenticeship. In order to set up an apprenticeship, you may need to contact the Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship in Michigan. You may also need to contact the Related Technical Instruction providers at Michigan community colleges. Finally, you may need to get in touch with a Michigan Works! Representative for funding opportunities or apprenticeship hiring. Find all of these in our organized Apprenticeship Contacts List

Equal Employment Opportunity / Affirmative Action Plan

The EEO/AAP templates are designed for small to mid-sized companies, however they can be used as guides for larger employers. When preparing EEO/AAPs, they should be customized to reflect an employer’s organizational structure, policies, practices, programs, and data. 

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