Regional Perception Survey – Detroit Regional Partnership

We understand that this is a very difficult time for Michigan companies and residents, as we all deal with the dangers and uncertainty posed by the Coronavirus. As we look ahead, it will be critical that Southeast Michigan is well-positioned to restore many of the jobs lost during this crisis.

To that end, the Detroit Regional Partnership is developing a new marketing campaign to promote Southeast Michigan as an ideal location for investment and job creation. It will be focused on raising the global profile of our community as a location of choice for firms looking to expand within the United States.

To better inform this marketing message, we are asking business, community and economic development leaders to complete a regional perception survey. Our goal is to collect honest feedback about our region’s business climate so that we can develop an effective but authentic narrative that best positions Southeast Michigan against our competitive peer regions.

Please complete the survey through the link below. Also, please forward this to others in your network who’s input you believe will help us better market the Southeast Michigan region.

Regional Perception Survey