RapidSkills Generator To Launch March 31

Join Us for the Launch of the RapidSkills Generator Website

On March 31, 2021, the Workforce Intelligence Network for Southeast Michigan will launch a groundbreaking open-source, online repository of time-based, competency-based, and hybrid occupational frameworks for registered apprenticeship programs.

RapidSkills Generator will help workforce, employer, and educational professionals build robust apprenticeship programs by drawing from a wide variety of sample skills outlines. Occupational outlines can be customized to create functional work process schedules and related instruction plans for apprenticeship programs.

Funding for the RapidSkills Generator is provided by a U.S. Department of Labor American Apprenticeship Initiative (AAI) grant, which also provided funding to develop the Advance Michigan Center for Apprenticeship Innovation (AMCAI). The overarching goals of the RapidSkills Generator are to:

  • Provide an efficient method of developing apprenticeship programs;
  • Share high-quality skills outlines and competency-based work process outlines with a wide audience;
  • Continuously improve skills outlines for apprenticable occupations;
  • Obtain information about in-demand skill through a high volume of users creating customized skills outlines; and
  • Improve the alignment of workforce development and education offerings in response to technological advancements and changing labor market demands.