Myths about

Registered Apprenticeship (RA)

Registered Apprenticeship is a structured process that allows employers to create a customized skilled trades training program. Registered Apprenticeship is a Department of Labor/Office of Apprenticeship (DOL/OA) recognized training pathway supported by the State of Michigan, which offer employers a chance to train new talent with minimal cost investment. Apprentices can learn career-building skills while getting paid, without requiring expensive certifications or degree program. 

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Myth- RA programs & internships are the same thing.

Internships allow an individual to gain work experience, and there is no assurance of employment. RA’s always provide employment, are long term, include a progressive wage scale, and lead to a career with national credentials. 


RA programs cost the employer too much

There is no cost to create and set up RA programs! U.S. employers can use apprenticeships to gain a pipeline of site-specific, skilled and productive workers. Nationally, employers see return on investment of about $1.50 for every $1 invested. Additionally, there are many workforce development grants available to employers to assist with the training cost. 

Myth- RA are only for employers with union affilliation

Registered apprenticeships is definitely not just for union shops, in fact there are more non-union companies than union companies registered nationally. 

Myth- If I train them they may leave for other employment

The reality is that most apprentices stay with their employer throughout the course of their apprenticeship and beyond. They develop a sense of loyalty to an employer who invested in their training. 

Myth- RA will give the DOL too much power over my training programs

Incorrect. Registered Apprenticeships are 100% business driven. DOL/OA want your program to be the best it can be for your company. You decide what the “on the job training” will be, what classes apprentices need to take and how much they will be paid. The DOL/OA simply requires a safe, fair and equitable training program. 

How you can get started with

Registered Apprenticeship?


We’re a free concierge service that will help you build and manage a registered apprenticeship program.

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