Determining which direction to take your career is a major decision. Pursuing a registered apprenticeship program can be a greatly beneficial option for recent graduates or those transitioning from various life stages or careers.

Apprenticeship in action

We spoke to some real-life apprentices and journeypersons at Prosper-Tech Machine & Tool in Richmond, Michigan. Take a look below!

Why become an apprentice in a registered apprenticeship program?

Registered apprenticeships can be the ideal next step for you if you are a recent high school, college, or university graduates, or considering a transition to a new phase of your life with a new career. As an apprentice in a registered apprenticeship program, you will:

  • Have a full-time job with an increasing wage during the apprenticeship
  • Develop new skills in an in-demand field
  • Receive the investment and commitment of your employers to ensure your personal and professional growth
  • Be supported by a mentor, an expert in your field
  • Begin a long-term career with little or no college debt
  • Earn a nationally-recognized apprenticeship certificate¬†from the Department of Labor
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