There are tens of thousands of job openings in Michigan.  Great news — there are plenty of resources and organizations that can help you find great apprenticeship opportunities. The information here will help you get started in the apprenticeship-search.

  • Search online job listings in your area that have “apprentice” or “apprenticeship” in the description, like this: You can treat the apprenticeship search just like a job search in a lot of ways, because a lot of companies post apprenticeship opportunities just like regular job opportunities on job sites.
  • Research your local union branches to find info about their apprenticeship programs.  Most unions offer apprenticeship programs with well-defined application periods throughout the year. One useful website is MUST Careers, which has contact info regarding apprenticeship programs for different occupations within a range of construction trades.  This is a good path if you’re interested in more traditional trades like electrician, plumber, construction, etc.
  • Explore industry-driven placement programs such as Apprenti (for IT/Tech) and MAT2 (for Advanced Manufacturing). These programs allow you to submit an application and/or assessment online, which can then qualify you to be hired directly by an employer as an apprentice.
  • Enroll with your local Michigan Works! agency to get access to their range of job placement services. This landing page has some helpful information, as well as a tool for locating your nearest MW! service center.  Michigan Works! can also point you in the direction of apprenticeship opportunities with companies that they work with.

If you’re not sure which career path is the best fit for you, explore these resources for more information about job types, wages, and demand at the following links:

  • Michigan’s Going Pro website has information about many demand, required training, and wages, for various career pathways, and links to training providers for you to get on track.
  • Pure Michigan Talent Connect has many resources to help you in your career exploration journey.
  • The Department of Labor’s Become an Apprentice page has a search engine that lets you look for registered apprenticeship opportunities near you.

Still have questions?  Get in touch with us through the apprenticeship hotline or email us with the form on the right!