WIN Intermediary program

Streamline your apprenticeship launch by joining the WIN apprenticeship intermediary program as a participating employer.


program development & approval


reporting and file management


an established program with a few simple steps

It is just amazing, as a small business owner, to work with WIN. WIN has the experience and the know-how it makes it easier for a small business to move through the process. As a small company, it sounds like a good idea to launch an apprenticehip, but it feels like a steep mountain to climb when you are limited on resources. With WIN’s help, I would say pursue it!
Kelly Victor-Burke
CEO | Burke Architectural Millwork


Registered apprenticeship fundamentals and best practices with employers to seek funding opportunities, understand industry standards and workforce development to grow and expand careers in your workplace.


An apprenticeship program for each employer to meet you “where you are” to create work process, related technical instruction, wage scales and more just for you and your needs. 


Your registered apprenticeship with the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship acting as the liaison and providing updates as needed. 


and track the apprenticeship program for you. Including U.S. DOL compliance, hours, skills, wages, EEO/AAP and more!

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Regional Apprenticeship Administrator, Workforce Intelligence Network
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Janene is a U.S. DOL Apprenticeship Ambassador and consults with employers, colleges, and workforce development partners to develop and launch new apprenticeship programs by sharing the “why” and “how” of apprenticeship with candidates, parents, and educators.

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