rapidskills generator

RapidSkills Generator is an open-source tool that streamlines the process of developing a competency-based (CB) apprenticeship. 

How does it work?

RapidSkills Generator provides a more intuitive entry point for employer and workforce development professionals seeking to develop competency-based (CB) apprenticeship programs, among other uses in CB training and education. RapidSkills Generator will allow individuals building apprenticeship programs to draw from a wide variety of sample skills outlines to customize CB work process outlines for apprenticeship programs. Provided skills outlines delineate suggested skills required to be competent in apprenticeable occupations and allows users to pick those skills most relevant for their customized program.

RapidSkills will provide newly developed skills outlines for a variety of manufacturing occupations; existing, open-source skills outlines developed by national experts; and outlines submitted by users and partners.

Furthermore, the RapidSkills system builds on a competency-based language that has already been vetted by industry and education partners. This common language is key to ensure that on-the-job training can be effectively supplemented by classroom instruction and that the time to translate— between the language of industry and the language of educators—is reduced.

Need more information?

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Janene Erne
Regional Apprenticeship Administrator, Workforce Intelligence Network