Why hire an apprentice instead of a traditional employee? There are many benefits to working with the Registered Apprenticeship program.


a highly skilled workforce


recruitment and retention


your talent pipeline

More Information

Want more information about the MI Apprenticeship program and how it can help your business? Get in touch with us for more information and learn more on our FAQ page.

What's the ROI?

What’s the return on investment of hiring an apprentice versus hiring a traditional employee? We’ve created an easy ROI calculator to give you an idea.

“After jumping around from job to job, I never thought I’d be in this industry of manufacturing until I had the opportunity to get into this apprenticeship program.”
Apprentice at Maya Gage
“Two and a half years later, Kyle is one of our most capable machinists.”
Vice President of Maya Gage

WIN Apprenticeship Program

Want to make the apprenticeship process faster? We’ll handle the paperwork. Through our partnership with the Workforce Intelligence Network (WIN), we are able to offer the WIN Apprenticeship Program. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you take care of your company’s apprenticeship needs.

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