Unlike conventional career pathways, Apprenti takes the stress and uncertainty out of your future in technology. 

What is Apprenti?

To address the talent and diversity issues facing the IT ecosystem in Southeast Michigan, the Workforce Intelligence Network (WIN), in collaboration with the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA), has launched the Apprenti program. This DOL-registered apprenticeship program was created in Seattle in partnership with tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft, and is a nationally recognized registered IT apprenticeship program focused on the expansion and diversification of the current talent pool in tech.

Unlike traditional job-training options, apprenticeships combines paid on-the-job training and education for placement in a high-skill occupation. 

What can you learn in the Apprenti program?

Apprenti offers selected apprentices a unique opportunity to learn on the job to jump start their career in tech. Classroom training is accelerated to get apprentices learning on the job quickly. There are currently nine IT occupations offered through the Apprenti program. Learn about them here.

Need more information?

For more information and to apply to be an Apprenti apprentice.