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Ready to get started? Learn about how to become an apprentice by exploring the resources below!

Explore your options

Search through the types of occupations available and find which jobs and industries interest you most.

  • Explore education requirements, average wages, occupation demand and more for various occupations on the State of Michigan’s Going Pro site.
  • Find your local Michigan Works! service center and enroll to receive guidance and support in your search for apprenticeship or career opportunities. 

Get prepared

  • Graduate high school or obtain your GED. Most DOL registered apprenticeships require apprentices to have a high school diploma or GED. 
  • Continuously grow your skills to become a more attractive apprenticeship candidate. Explore offerings at your local college or search for apprenticeship opportunities.
    • Find your local college apprenticeship contact here.
    • Search for training providers based on your location and interests here.
    • Explore pre-apprenticeships and specialized training institutions here.
“After jumping around from job to job, I never thought I’d be in this industry of manufacturing until I had the opportunity to get into this apprenticeship program.”
Apprentice at Maya Gage

Search for Opportunities

Every apprenticeship program is different, and so are their qualification requirements and application processes. Explore the opportunities that are available.

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