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Apprenticeship is an alternative career pathway that offers extraordinary opportunities. As an apprentice, you can get paid while gaining nationally-recognized skills and certifications. Apprenticeship allows employers to develop and prepare their future workforce. This allows you to become part of growing, high-demand industries.


of apprentices who complete an apprenticeship retain employment


Average annual salary of an apprentice finished with their program


New apprenticeship programs created in last five years

Apprenticeship Offers

New Opportunities

The Registered Apprenticeship program brings career-building opportunities to new apprentices.

Jumpstart Your Future

Build a career for life. Learn skills that will increase your value in fast-growing, emerging industries while you work your way into a job.

Earn While You Learn

While others go into debt for expensive degree programs or certifications, you can get paid to learn.

Learn From the Pros

As an apprentice, you can learn from knowledgeable professionals who work in your field every day.

How to

Find an Apprenticeship

While 12,300 apprenticeships were created in the last five years, finding an apprenticeship is not yet a straightforward process. Finding or negotiating an apprenticeship with a potential employer requires a bit of ingenuity. However, with a little persistence and hard work, you can experience opportunities that most traditional employment could never offer.

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01 Choose Your Industry

In this model, each job task must be performed for a set number of hours, indicating that an apprentice has practiced enough to have mastered the task. Assigning blocks of hours ensures that the apprentice will spend enough time on the job to observe anomalies that come with the trade.


Build Your Resume With Relevant Technical Coursework

Spending time learning on your own is one of the most important career investments you can make. Start by choosing which industry or trade you’d like to pursue. (Include information here on relevant high demand job positions / industries).

Keep a log of the coursework you’ve taken and what grades / certifications you received. As you build your skillset, you can begin to approach employers or request more responsibilities at work.

Here’s a few places where you can find relevant technical training.

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Community Colleges

Most community colleges offer coursework relevant to the industry you want to pursue, or they can help you find the resources you need. Look for community colleges in your area.

Virtual Online Training

Search online for the industry you’re looking for, and add keywords like, “online course”, “online certification”, “degree”, or “training”. Many online programs exist to help you advance to the next level.

Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship Readiness Programs

Michigan Works! American Job Centers can help you find a pre-apprenticeship or apprenticeship readiness program through local community colleges or private organizations.

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03 Start With a Job

The reality is that most employers want to invest in someone they already know. Many apprenticeships are formed from entry-level jobs performed by a committed employee. The easiest path to an apprenticeship is to show dedication to a job, then discuss the apprenticeship model with your employer. This may seem overwhelming, but many employers are happy to consider apprenticeship for an employee with a long-term vision for their growth with the company.

American Job Centers through Michigan Works! can help you find a new job with opportunity for advancement. Michigan Works! can find potential employers and prepare you for the interview process.

You’ll learn how to job search, resume writing best practices, tips for conducting a great interview, and test-taking skills. In fact, American Job Centers often provide free education that can set you up for success with your new job. (Talk to Lori and Tim about this) If you have any questions about getting started with a job, you can also contact us at MI-Apprenticeship.

Find a Tech Apprenticeship

With Apprenti

The tech industry faces a massive shortage in skilled employees nationally and in Michigan. There are over 12 million technology jobs in the US with not enough qualified candidates to fill these jobs. Employers are increasingly willing to invest in training apprentices to fill their workforce demands. Registered apprenticeship offers a career pathway to in-demand tech occupations. The Apprenti program helps you find a paid tech apprenticeship that can take your career to new heights.