Be sure to track your grant participants through AGS Prime. Are you having trouble? We're here to help!

Who is considered a “participant”?

A participant is anyone who is entered into AGS Prime and should include any person that is served under the umbrella of the grant. For Closing the Skills Gap, that is any person who receives career counseling that includes information about registered apprenticeship programs. 

What is the minimum information required to enter a participant?

First Name, Last Name, DOB, SS Number, Demographics (sex, ethnicity, disability & veteran status), Residence State and Zip Code.  

What does the “Review Status” mean?

The “Review Status” is available at the top of the participant profile when it is in the editing view. The participant must be changed to “Reviewed” to add case notes, programs, and services.

WIN’s report shows that I have “unenrolled” participants. What’s the difference and how do you enroll them?

Completing the enrollment is crucial for the participant to be counted in our grant outcome. Participants that are entered into AGS Prime but not enrolled in a program or service are not counted. 

To enroll the participant: after creating the participant profile, double check that the required information (listed above) is complete – including residence zip code. Once confirmed, switch the “Review Status” to “Reviewed” and save the participant profile.  

Choose “Reviewed Participants” from the menu on the lefthand side and search for the newly entered participant. Choose their profile then select the green folder icon to the left of their name. This opens the Participant Case Folder. 

Look at the navigation on the left side of the screen – these links are specific to that participant’s profile. Choose “Program” from the top of the list. Enter the required information and choose CSG H-1B grant under “Funding”. Save to return to the Participant Case Folder. 

Then choose “Service” from the menu on the lefthand side. Enter the information for a service linked to the program you just created under the Participant Case Folder. Save to return to the Participant Case Folder. 

Your participant is now enrolled in a program and service and will count towards the grant outcome! 

Why do I list CSG H-1B as the funding if my participant did not receive any funds?

The funding also covers employee expenses, such as the time that you took to connect with this participant and provide career guidance. 

I have a participant that I know one of our partners also served. Should we both enter them?

We should never purposefully double report a participant. However, it can easily be done by mistake and should be reported to WIN staff to merge and delete the extra profile. 

How do I delete a participant?

You are not able to delete participants. Please contact WIN staff to request a deletion. 

Who do I contact for immediate questions about AGS Prime?

Katie Webber, Associate Project Manager from WIN, is your primary contact 
(313) 402-1420 

Pamela Mohar, Associate Project Manager from WIN, is your secondary contact 
(734) 552-2864 

Jim Babin, Regional Apprenticeship Administrator from WIN, is your third contact 
(734) 626-4570