The process of developing, launching, and monitoring a registered apprenticeship program requires a lot of work and can be difficult to figure out. The Advance Michigan Center for Apprenticeship Innovation (AMCAI) recognized that this causes a barrier for employers to register an apprenticeship program and created a simplified process guide and other tools for administrators to help reduce this challenge.

Who are administrators, and what role do they play in registering an apprenticeship program?

Administrators are any individuals that help employers to navigate the process of registering an apprenticeship program. Administrators come from a range of partner organizations but primarily work for education and training providers, labor organizations, or third-party service providers that partner with employers.

There are many resources that can help administrators build up their expertise about apprenticeship to become more effective in their support for employers. A collection of these resources and a process for navigating through these resources is available in AMCAI’s Administrators Process Guide.

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