Making Apprenticeships

Work For You

Apprenticeship is a combination of working and learning that mutually benefits both employers and apprentices. The MI Apprenticeship program provides all of its services at no cost, as a State of Michigan program that works to make the process of registered apprenticeship easier.


We’re a no-cost concierge service that will help you build and manage a registered apprenticeship program.

Career Seekers

Build a career, not just a job. Earn while you learn and develop your skills at little to no personal cost.

Apprenticeship Coordinators

We collaborate with you to custom-tailor a registered apprenticeship model that fits your employer’s needs.

What is

Registered Apprenticeship?

Registered Apprenticeship is a Department of Labor/Office of Apprenticeship recognized training pathway supported by the State of Michigan. Registered apprenticeship allows an employer to create a customized skilled trades training program. This is beneficial to the employer and to the apprentice.

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Registered Apprenticeship Means…

Learning + Working

Employers today face large demand for skilled workers, but many industries have more job needs than candidates who possess the necessary work skills. On the other hand, many potential employees do not possess the skills necessary to enter these areas of the workforce that are facing a massive gap.

MI Apprenticeship works to connect Michigan employers and job seekers with the resources they need. We provide employers with access to support and resources to streamline the apprenticeship process, and job seekers with the information they need to find long-term success and apprenticeship opportunities.

Industries are Facing An

Employment Crisis

Several important industries in the job market are facing a significant employment crisis. There is a significant gap between available jobs and workers who are skilled and able to fill the gap. This graph compares unique job postings with available workers who have received a relevant degree or certificate. As you can see, in these industries there are simply not enough workers to fill the skills gap. This makes the apprenticeship program critical for both employers and job seekers.

Want to Talk to Someone

About Registered Apprenticeships?

Have questions about how Registered Apprenticeships work? We’re here to help. Get in touch with our U.S. DOL Apprenticeship Ambassadors today. 

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